Two families the Davis and the Bibles, moved to Augusta from Tennessee in the 1920s. Having realized the need of an Apostolic church in Augusta, they began to hold service in their home.

During the Great Depression, the families felt they had to leave Augusta and return to Tennessee due to economic conditions. In the mid-1930s the families would return to Augusta and pick up where they left off holding church in their homes. The church began to grow and early pictures show them meeting at the corner of Hicks and Wright Avenue, currently where the Calhoun Expressway is now located.

In the early years, Church was held in various locations including a storefront on Walton Way. Our elders speak of a little white building that was used for services at our current location. A parsonage (since torn down) was built next to our current building. The Church experience tremendous growth in the late 1940s and 1950s under the leadership of R.M. Parnell.

In the mid 1940’s, Rev. Kitchens pastored during a time that Bro Parnell had left Augusta. Bro Parnell returned to Augusta and seeing the need for a larger building, the church would start construction on the present-day sanctuary. As soon as the basement was covered by the top floor, service started being held there to accommodate the continued growth. Growth would continue into the mid-1950s until the time of Pastor Parnell’s resignation.

Upon the recommendation of Bro Payne of Porterdale Ga, Rev. J.M. Stubblefield was elected as pastor of the church in 1956 and the church continued to grow. Bro Stubblefield used his abilities as a printer to create and distribute Gospel Tracts throughout the CSRA.

Upon Pastor Stubblefield’s retirement in the 1987, Rev. Randy Blizzard was elected pastor. The church experienced revival under Pastor Blizzards ministry until he resigned feeling called to ministry in Las Vegas Nevada.

Rev. Wesley McClain was elected pastor in 1994 and along with his ministry team experienced revival that filled the church to overflowing capacity. Pastor McClain would resign the church in 2010 due to complications with his health.

Mark Maddox was elected pastor in December 2010 and assumed the pastorate on January 1st, 2011. Revival has continued under Pastor Maddox’s leadership and the current building has been filled to capacity and overflowing. Under his leadership a building fund has been established and is being funded through the sacrifice, vision and generosity of many.

UPDATED: 3/18/2019
The church is following the leading of the spirit and will relocate to a larger facility as the Lord provides. Concerning relocating, the church continues to follow these principles “God’s Plan” (The Church will know the will of God), “God’s Provision” (it will right fiscally) and “God’s Place” (The new campus will be totally dedicated to God, fulfilling His will and purpose). Almost 7 acres of Property has been purchased at 4136 Madeline Dr. Augusta Ga.
This property is being developed with plans to build a 400-seat sanctuary in the near future.